Formulation & Drug Delivery Technologies

Formulation & Drug Delivery Technologies

Abuse-Deterrent Formulation Technology

Mallinckrodt has invested millions of dollars in research efforts focusing on exploring the abuse-deterrent potential of our proprietary formulation technologies. Our goal is to develop abuse-deterrent technologies that can be used in both branded and generic medicines that will effectively make our products less attractive to potential abusers, while at the same time providing patients who depend on our medicines for relief of diagnosed pain with a wide range of safe, affordable options.

Learn more about our abuse-deterrent formulation development efforts in the Responsibility section of our website.

Nanoparticle Encapsulation Platform

Mallinckrodt is on the leading edge of nanoparticle mediated drug delivery systems. This technology promises to transform medical practice through providing dramatic improvements in efficacy and safety of proven pharmaceutical agents. Our capabilities have been applied to a broad selection of medicines that are used to treat a wide range of diseases. The technology enables precision delivery of efficacious doses while protecting against adverse effects that would otherwise limit the use of these medicines.

Other Capabilities

In addition to abuse-deterrence, Mallinckrodt scientists have developed strong capabilities in a wide range of other complex formulation and drug delivery technologies, including:

  • Analytical characterization and method development
  • Emulsions and other dispersed formulations
  • Liposomal and other nanoparticle encapsulations
  • Oral sustained-release dosage forms
  • Prodrugs technologies
  • Impurities qualification
  • Solid oral, liquid and parenteral dosage forms
  • Transdermal delivery systems
  • Organic, peptide and natural product chemistry